Chef Hendry hails from Sukabumi in West Java, Indonesia. The Javanese region is famed for its abundant produce, tropical fruit and spice trade, so he was immersed in a culture of rich culinary tradition from an early age.

Starting his career in 2006 as an apprentice amongst the glitz and fast-paced action of Dubai, After three years of honing his techniques and skills with French dining at Al Muntaha in the famed five-star hotel Burj Al Arab, the opening of ZUMA Dubai drew him into the world of Japanese cuisine. Three years at ZUMA instilled both a deep love of Japanese food and culture, and from there a move to Bali to take on the role of Mulia Bali’s in-house Japanese chef was a natural and exciting transition.

In 2015, ZUMA called his name again, this time from Istanbul, where he took on the position of Executive Chef for ZUMA Turkey. After overseeing all three of their restaurants there for two years, it was time to take on a new challenge. Chef Hendry chose to return to Dubai for an exciting new role creating fine dining French-Japanese fusion cooking at The Experience by Reif Othman / Tebro.

Now Chef Hendry has returned to Bali and is proudly at the helm of Sake no Hana Bali as Executive Chef, bringing with him a wealth of expertise in the art of Japanese cuisine with him.