Sake no Hana is celebrating Japanese Golden Week with Koinobori.

Koinobori are carp streamers, or carp-shaped flags, flown at the end of Golden Week to celebrate Children’s Day, or Komodo no Hi, one of several traditional festivals held throughout the annual holiday.

Carp are considered the most spirited fish, so full of energy and power that they can swim their way up streams and waterfalls: symbolic of a child’s journey through life. The brightly coloured hand-painted carp streamers are flown throughout Golden Week in formations to represent a family, with the father and mother at the top of the vane followed by the children.

Paying homage to the celebrations, the façade of the restaurant will be transformed with a Koinobori carp installation, depicting the carp’s journey upstream.

Created by Executive Chef Hideki Hiwatashi, an exclusive Koinobori menu will be available throughout celebrations, accompanied by a dessert and a special Koinobori Martini. View the menu here.

Sake no Hana is celebrating Japanese Golden Week and Koinobori from Monday 15th until Saturday 11th May.